Top five sight scene place in digha

Digha is now by days changed a is a good destination for holiday and picnic.people from all over bengal come and from outside is a hotspot during winter season.Hotels are full booked and that time it's get too much crowded.but now the tradition has really changed because now almost everytime it get tourist and there is no off season for,here i am sharing some of the sight scene places that you should look after when you are going to visit digha.if you have not visited those places yet you should go and check and response me here.
well here i am gonna share those places which i think personally you should visit when you are going digha.


Amaravati lake is now the biggest attraction of new digha.people often come here with there family to enjoy boating ,beautiful park is there and beautiful natural surroundings .
Amaravati lake in digha
well there is new digha and old is nothing but in beach side it is built as it is newly debeloped town with new hotels and restaurant and fullely equipped with modern ammenities and
Many tourist come in new digha ,during winter season with thier family and friends to celebrate new year or christmas holiday.the girl in red shirt dips her toe in the sea water
tourist in new digha beach
you should visit there .Apart from the sea beach there is a special new addition of science museums. childrens can enjoy there and also a very good place to learn something new about science. Amaravati lake is also there where you can enjoy the boating with your family.

& Deepak mitras snake farm is also there where you can find the collection of some the most venoumous snake in the world.


obviously that is the main reason why people visit digha.In digha's sandy beach you can roam the evening the breeze that directly come from sea during day time & evening time is very
During day time ,tourist taking bath in digha sea and some are enjoying the scene of wave in digha,bengali tourist the mother and son duo are sitting in a stall in beach side
Stall in digha beach
healthy & good for any one can come to morning and enjoy the sunrise in the beach with your loved ones .Because in bengal digha is the place for honey,often couples come here and especially new wed couples come here .


it is in little bit distance from the main digha beach and it is in kathi side in medinipur.


talasari digha is in joint of subarnarekha river and sea, as there is a small delta and here water is not
Talsari beach is few km distance from the main beach of goa.famous for fishing and ,fisherman comes here to catch the fish.the water in talsari is not so turbulent in nature.
talsari digha beach
that much is in six km distance from digha main is situated near bengal-orissa border.

No 5 Chandaneshwar temple:

It is the temple of lord shiva .distance from main digha is approximately around 8-9 km.during gajan
Chandaneshwar temple is situated in digha .pilgrims come here to offer the pray to lord is the most popular sight scene place in digha.during late winter it is the most crowded place
Chandaneshwar teple
mela  and other fstival lot of pilgrims come to offer milk to shiva.

Special attraction:

Lankeshwari temple is there .ma lankeshwari is the main attraction of the temple .many visitors come here everyday to visit only ma lankeshwari. her foundation day is 6th april which is celebrated like estival.

Digha beach video shoot:

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so,what are your favourite places in digha ?make comment on comment sec.if i leave any of the sight scene place also comment below .and dont forget to share on social platform.

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