My visit to nirala resort deulti with family & friends in dec 2012

Deulti nirala resort:

that time it was winter,when we visited nirala resort that is located in was a cool pleasant morning when we rented a tata sumo and visited with my family and some of my friends.nirala resort is not far away from the authors house sarat chandra chattopadhay,the writer of devdas or other his famous writing.we thought that we should visit also that place,so we first went to  panitras and the village name is samtabere ,the house is two storeyed .
the building is quite old and it is now used as museum.Every year in december time sarat mela is held to remember and to pay tribute to the author. 

well after spending around 45 min ,we went straight to nirala resort.we have already booked two rooms .and it was 11:00 clock that time .we clothed ourself and wash our hands and face and directly after that we took our breakfast .and we visited here and there ,balcony ,lobby garden.some of the rooms has arrangement of air condition ,but those room we took for one day stay were not air conditioned .but due to cool weather we did not need of that.

we played for one and half hour in the garden place and visited here and there.the best thing about that place is the place is quite calm and good place to go and spend few days on that kind of environment hiding from hustle -bustle of the city.

there was a nice pool ,but when we went there it was not cleaned as we decided not to take bath .the water was slightly greenish. 
 but it was all good for spending some quality time with friends and family in that kind of place .here  we took few picture of that resort ,i thought i should share with you guys.

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