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i am seo of my own company
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Hello, i am joy prakash ghosh. welcome to my world .i create website desighn ,develope and give it to customer.this require lot of knowledge in coding and lot of time ,hard work and dedication. so,when i started my work? it was a long time ago back in 2010. that time i started my website works
.and started learning coding and all kind of stuff that is need to build a website . what kind of site i make? literally any and any kind of site you want me to make ,i will make and provide to you. within the given period that is fixed by me. ok,SO where is the proof that you can make site ? it is a good question ,i can build any kind of blogging site ,business website ,portfolio type website where your all personal data will be available and onlne shopping store where customer can directly pay online and book the partiular product. for more information check my portfolio area. How much i charge? i charge for average site that will cost to u in year with the buying of domain name and hosting cost is 7,000 inr. and for designing and customizing cost will be around 4000 inr .so in total your site will be ready and good to go within approximately 11,000.
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I am interested in creating my own website.

My email is

Very Respectfully,

Mr. Porter


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