Bagnan -how far from howrah by train ?

Bagnan -how far from howrah by train?

i first came to howrah and headed towards bagnan and bought a ticket with just 15 rupees.i sat on howrah-bagnan local train and it is a non stop train having no middle stop in any other station so
journey will be quick .i thought it will be all well.but i was wrong. when the train entered in platform i was quite shocked ,the people was rushing towards the train like they have never seen before any train in their life ,probably they have found diamond or something precious in their life or achieved some thing unachievable .so there was a huge rush  to just take a seat and however i managed toget a seat in front of the train window .the train was fully packed ,no place for natural wind.i think i cannot describe it more than hell.i was just waiting for my destination station to come.and the place was heavenly place for i was fearing for that.the train did not get signal ner to kulgachia railway crossing so there train stopped for couple of min.and finally i reached bagnan ,home home sweet takes 45 min approx.

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